Jewelry necklaces: TOP 10 trends to feel Spring 2017

Do Binh
02, March, 2017


If you meticulously watch for fashion trends in Spring 2017 jewelry necklaces, you just have to be aware of all innovations relating to women’s jewelry necklaces. After all, properly fitted jewelry can give your image originality and style. The most striking and at the same time causing adornment is necklace, and all its variations – chokers, collars and so on.  You can put on the most simple things in pastel colors and then resort to the force of necklaces. It will certainly give to your image a bit of chic.

2017 gives preference to fashionable materials: metal decorated with gold leaf, large pearls, rhinestones. This spring will still shine and shout about its brightness and splendor. How do you feel about this? Because I am very happy  about such a state of affairs – I have always liked something unusual, extravagant and colorful. So if you are not afraid of experimentation – this spring is yours.


If we talk about jewelry in general it is necessary to note that large and massive jewelry necklaces are still fashionable. Jewelry necklaces in 2017 look beautiful and original. Fashionistas can even choose metal, plastic and leather accessories, but in this case it is extremely important to consider the numerous nuances about your image. Remember that during this season you should strive to maximalism in details.


1. Huge chain with a pendant

Adornment in the form of a chain with a massive pendant made of natural and virtually raw stone from the new collection of Givenchy fashion house, Spring-Summer 2017, is exactly something that should necessarily appear in your spring casket. It will inspire you to create unusual, but totally stylish jewelry collection for the new fashion season. I’ve always liked the trend of a necklace in the form of chain. And much more I liked rough huge stones that adorn images of crazy fashionistas. Thank you, Givenchy, that you have connected these two jewelry trends together and we’ve got a real fashion explosion.

Or maybe it is not your style? Huge chain with a pendant with encrusted pearls from the new Chanel jewelry collection is done in a skilful style of this fashion house. If Givenchy necklace is more suitable for big fans of rigorous, ethnic and even a little gloomy style, jewelry necklaces with pendants from the Chanel brand are created especially for romantic, but extravagant natures. Chanel as always promotes the abundance of pearl jewelry necklaces of various lengths and sizes. I hasten to note that such chain with a pendant is a jewelry necklace that loves solitude. After all, it is really big enough, extraordinary and so that self-sufficient.


Chains with massive pendants in Art Deco style complemented every second image from Prada fashion house as well. Let me remind you that the main features of Art Deco are bold geometric forms, richness of colors, intricate designs and expensive modern materials. By the way, more about Art Deco style you can read here:


2. Dior Renaissance

Dior creative director Joaillerie Victoire de Castellane traveled to Versailles to find inspiration also for a new collection of fine jewelry. Decorative richness of the Jacob era and saturation interiors of Chateau de Versailles outplayed in miniature jewels, focusing also on the values of the contemporary fashion house. Each model of the new Dior collection  – is a dream of every fashionista. Of course, not everyone can afford it, but still it is the main landmark of your evening style. These gentle jewelry necklaces are already beginning to warm my soul – it seems to me that their beautiful shades magically cheer me up as a reminder of the coming spring.


3. Bvlgari Serpenti fauna motif

Flexible snake by Bvlgari Serpenti was embodied in three new adornments of the new collection. Diamonds of all sizes create a motion effect. Snake scales made of white gold with diamonds have become slimmer and sleeker. Yes, Bulgari managed to introduce this snake theme  to jewelry trends 2016 and even to jewelry trends 2017. Animalistic motif of 2017 year must necessarily be expressed in jewelry necklaces  and pendants.

The snake is an ancient, legendary creature, that has found a precious incarnation in the Serpenti by Bulgari. Coiled around the history of humanity, the seductive serpent dates back to ancient Greek and Roman mythology.

4. Jewelry collars

Necklaces in a collar style will be also relevant during Spring 2017 season. This can be really a massive necklace. You should wear it beneath plain things, but it should be completely different from the clothes colors, it has to get all the attention. It will look great with thin blouses and shirts, as well as light dress. You should pay your attention to openwork collars made of leather and trimmed with beads.

5. Choker necklace

Among the favorites there is an unusual shape of necklaces, closely adjacent to the gentle feminine neck. The main aim of choker is to cause no discomfort and to create a harmonious combination of clothes. This jewelry necklace will suit not everyone, but really any fashionista is able to choose her own choker. The most popular are chokers as a black ribbon – very thin ribbon. This option is suitable for very romantic girls. A great addition to this form of a jewelry necklace is a long thin chain with a pendant.

But the version of the thin black ribbon is more suitable for daily outfit. And if you’re looking for an interesting option for evening image – you chould choose bright and wide choker jewelry necklace with stars.

Saved from Maji Organics

Beautiful silk bows, brooches on the fabric that is wrapped around the neck, ribbons with ethnic patterns – very fashionable and creative jewelry necklaces. These options are very similar to the choker style, but in this case, more delicate and elegant.


And, for those who want to see something more extraordinary and audacious – here is a choker as a real dog-collar! It’s like a children’s belt for trousers, but the fashionista has put it on her neck. In addition, this trend took a chance to create such adornments for men. With what more insane will world designers come up the next season?

6. Ethnic motifs

Support of ethnic African theme in outfits and accessories is one of the most common Spring 2017 trends. Therefore, such jewelry really breath with heat and sunbathing. Long beads made from pale wood are the main emphases of the new season. It is noteworthy that such jewelry should be worn with absolutely monochrome clothing, that would also fit you utterly tightly.

7. Jewelry with a story

Also in the fashion art for Spring 2017  large necklaces with pendants are in demand. By the way, this necklaces should include not just suspensions, but the complete composition – volume, vivid and memorable. I think it is really very interesting trend, which, by the way, I associate with jewelry made by Pandora company. So while creating a necklace with a large number of suspensions, you should create a story, and sometimes even a fairy tale.

8. Minerals and precious stones

Minerals, precious and semiprecious stones have turned into a stylish addition to the wardrobe and, thanks to big names of designers, have became high-grade jewelry. In the season of Spring 2017 they will be worn in the form of large “slices”, demonstrating the intricate cuts formed in the bowels of our planet. As a rule, fashionable “mineral” is characterized with a wild nature – such stones are almost unprocessed. Crystal accessories will be very popular as well.

9. Glamorous and Gothic


Necklaces, chokers, pendants and other accessories with elements of crosses have become one of the key trends of the new Spring 2017 season. Such jewelry necklaces can be encrusted with colorful stones and look solemn, and also be implemented in a very concise style without decorative frills.

10. Knitted jewelry necklaces

Knitted necklace – it’s a real hit! Some designers are trying to recreate the illusion of multidimensional diamonds in them, while others are more focused on baroque techniques … But somehow or other, the game with the classic codes of Fine Arts jewelry perfectly match with the spirit of the Spring 2017 upcoming season. Today it is hard to find a beautiful lady in a lace shawl. Few families have openwork tablecloths… But if you meet a woman with such a jewelry – you should know, she has an impeccable fashion flair. Ink & La presents chic and original handmade jewelry that are revealing sensuality and natural beauty of every modern nymph. All Ink & Lace jewelry is full of inspiration by Romanian Point Lace an ancient lace making technique that came from Romania. You can find more information about this brand in our previous post:

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